Retail performance

We provide business customers with information on water retail service providers' performance, including customer complaints. We collect this information from customer complaints made directly to providers and those reported to us.

How we measure performance

We use two complaint sources to gain insight into the performance of companies;

  • complaints received directly by retailers; and
  • complaints raised directly to CCW about companies.

In 2023-24, we’ve changed how we report complaints to retailers. Before, we only counted written complaints. Now, starting from April 2023, we’re including all types of complaints—like phone calls, social media messages, web chats, texts, and in-person visits. We can’t compare to past years’ records of complaints to retailers, as we are measuring performance differently.

To make sure complaints are fair for all retailers, we use something called a Supply Point ID (SPID). The measure we use to do this is ‘complaints per 10,000 supply points’. For example:

  • Total complaints: 600
  • Total supply points: 4,000,000
  • Complaints per 10,000 supply points = 600/4,000,000 x 10,000 = 1.5

How we compare performance

We recognise that for smaller retailers, each complaint can make performance appear disproportionately poor. We categorise retailers based upon their size in the following way;

  • smaller retailers – less than 5,000 supply points; and
  • larger retailers – more than 5,000 supply points.

In this industry, almost 99% of it is controlled by big retailers. Complaints about smaller retailers are quite rare, with only fourteen reported to CCW in 2022-23. Because of this, we handle larger retailers separately from the smaller ones. We use the median and quartiles as our main ways to understand trends among the big retailers. When it comes to the smaller retailers, we rely more on detailed explanations and stories to analyse what’s happening.

We measure performance by complaints per 10,000 SPIDs and colour code* them as follows:

How we measure
Better than average
Worse than average

*Based upon quartile performance

Larger retailer’s performance in 2023-24 (year to date)

Company Number of SPIDs Total complaints per 10,000 SPIDs Complaints to CCW per 10,000 SPIDs
ADSM 6254 0.00 0.00
Business Stream 393753 40.10 3.23
Castle Water 500745 48.83 9.07
Clear Business Water 25771 82.26 2.72
Dŵr Cymru* 203742 29.79 0.25
Everflow 141904 16.63 3.24
First Business Water 9577 4.18 2.09
Hafren Dyfrdwy* 10983 15.48 1.82
SES Business Water 39404 153.79 9.14
Smarta Water 7017 1.43 2.85
Source for Business 156021 8.14 1.35
Water Plus 715611 56.87 6.72
Water2Business 174280 9.98 0.29
Wave 394677 25.64 2.38

*Only business customers in Wales who use 50 megalitres of water per year are allowed to access the retail market and choose their water retailer. The above numbers for Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water and Hafren Dyfrdwy relates to the total number of SPIDs and not just those in the open retail market. The majority of business customers in Wales continue to receive retail services from Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water or Hafren Dyfrdwy.

Small retailers’ performance in 2023-24 (year to date)

We’re unable to colour code small retailers’ performance due to small number of complaints.

Company Number of SPIDs Complaints to retailer Complaints to CCW
ConservAqua 2,615 Total complaints: 0

Complaints per 10,000 supply points: 0

Total complaints: 0

Complaints per 10,000 supply points: 0

The Water Retail Company 1,152 Total complaints: 0

Complaints per 10,000 supply points: 0

Total complaints: 0

Complaints per 10,000 supply points: 0

Veolia Retail 597 Total complaints: 0

Complaints per 10,000 supply points: 0

Total complaints: 0

Complaints per 10,000 supply points: 0

Yu Water 1,224 Total complaints: 3

Complaints per 10,000 supply points: 24.52

Total complaints: 0

Complaints per 10,000 supply points: 0

Complaint trend

Below, you’ll find graphs that track how retailer complaint trends changed over time. One graph shows complaints received by retailers per 10,000 supply points, while the other illustrates complaints reported directly to CCW per 10,000 supply points. The retailer complaints graphs cover quarterly performance in 2023-24 only, as there’s been a change in how total complaints are reported this year, making it impossible to compare historical data for retailer complaints.

We can’t show complaint trends for small retailers, because we received very few complaints from them.


blue solid line Retailer performance
red dotted line Poor – if retailer performance is above line
black dotted line Average performance
green dotted line Good – if retailer performance is below line


Trends are not available for ADSM, as they reported no complaints to retailer or CCW in 2022-23 and 2023-24, year to date.

Business Stream

Castle Water

Clear Business Water


First Business Water

SES Business Water

Smarta Water

Source for Business

Water Plus