Strategy and Forward Work Programme 2024-25

Our Forward Work Programme sets out our key strategic priorities and campaigns for the coming year.

To meet our overall strategic objectives, CCW’s Forward Work Programme (FWP) contains the deliverables that we will focus on achieving in 2024-25. These are over and above our business-as-usual activities – dealing with complaints, challenging companies, generating insights and communicating with customers. We chose these based on the substantial evidence we gather from consumers about what they think is important, as well as what CCW can influence given our remit and unique position in the water industry.

Our day-to-day work helping customers resolve disputes and save money is regularly measured and scrutinised by our Board. Our primary target for 2024-25 is that all complaints to CCW will be acknowledged and allocated for review to a Case Advisor within two working days.

Our mission, purpose and vision

  • Mission

    Ensure people are well-informed, treated fairly and have confidence in their water services.
  • Vision

    A water sector that listens to people and delivers exceptional, sustainable services that are accessible to all.
  • Purpose

    We are passionate about championing the best interests of everyone who uses water, now and in the future.

Strategic priorities

Nobody can now ignore the impact the water sector has on the environment. We are facing an unprecedented climate crisis which will impact us all, as well as generations to come. In addition, one in four people in England and Wales are struggling to pay their water bill. And satisfaction levels for business customers are still lower than when that market opened in 2017.

Against this background, CCW believes that the three things that most urgently need fixing for the water consumers of England and Wales – which CCW can proactively help with – are:

A trusted water sector

  • Value for customers
  • Transparency of performance
  • Customer-focused culture
  • Improved customer service
  • Getting basics right for business customers

More about a trusted water sector

Fair and affordable bills

  • End water poverty
  • Value from the Price Review
  • Improved overall offer of support
  • Better support for vulnerable customers
  • Customers using the support available
  • Tariffs that work for customers

More about fair and affordable bills

Resilient water services

  • Consumer behaviour change
  • Better incident management
  • Acting on customer priorities

More about resilient water services

Our full Strategy and FWP

Download Our strategy plans for 2024-25 (pdf – 833 KB)

Responses to our draft Forward Work Programme

CCW had 22 responses to our draft Forward Work Programme, which we issued for consultation in January 2024. We received feedback from members of the public, councils and charities, as well as water companies and retailers, the regulator and the market operator.

We are very grateful to everyone who responded and we have replied to them all. Where appropriate, CCW incorporated the feedback into our 2024-25 Forward Work Programme. We also took the opportunity to clarify some points in the final document.

Download Our strategy plans for 2023-24 (pdf – 1 MB)
Download Our strategy plans for 2023-24 - Welsh (pdf – 1 MB)
Download Our strategy plans for 2022-23 (pdf – 6 MB)
Download Our strategy plans for 2022-23 - Welsh (pdf – 7 MB)

What we cost

CCW’s costs for 2024-25 will be 27.2p per bill payer.

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