Save money and water

Reducing the amount of water you use will help you save money and reduce your costs on bills.

Our helpful tools and advice 

  • Help with bills

    Our advice hub is packed with useful information to help you reduce your bills or access financial support.
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  • Water meter calculator

    Use our calculator to quickly find out if you could save by making the switch to a water meter.
    Calculate to see if you could save
  • Benefits calculator

    Use this Benefits Calculator to calculate your entitlement to means-tested benefits.
    Calculate benefits available
  • Grant search tool

    Use this tool to search charitable funds that may be able to provide you with financial support and other services.
    See if you can get a grant
  • Top tips to cut your water bill

    There are several ways that you could reduce the amount you pay for your water and sewerage services.
    See our water bill saving tips
  • How much water do you use?

    We worked out how much water people use on average on their personal needs.
    See how much you use
  • Save water in the home

    There are simple ways you can save water that can help you to save money and energy at home.
    Save water in the home
  • Save water in the garden

    It's possible to have a colourful and thriving garden without using large amounts of water
    Save water in the garden
  • Water saving advice and products

    Water companies offer useful water saving products and advice which can help you save water, energy and money.
    Find free water saving products
  • Waterfall podcast

    Our podcast is filled with lots of water and money saving advice.
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  • Drought

    We want to make sure that everyone plays their part, all year round, to prevent future water shortages.
    Help to prevent drought

Get advice and support

We offer advice and support to household and businesses on any kind of of water supply and sewerage issues.
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