Consumer behaviour change

CCW will continue our campaigning work to help people, businesses and communities reduce their water use to alleviate pressure on natural resources.

We will collaborate with the water sector to trial activities aimed at helping people value water and and reduce sewer misuse.

CCW will push the industry to act on demand management so as to meet the Plan for Water’s 2050 110 litre-per-day usage target (and a 15% reduction in non-household water use) via our ARID proposal, in conjunction with Ofwat’s  Water Efficiency Fund.

Better incident management

CCW will pilot in-depth incident assessments in water companies with a view to using the results to inform Ofwat’s Customer Licence Condition in future. These assessments will focus on all incidents – not just supply interruptions.

We will work with Ofwat to act on and share the insight gained from joint research conducted on incident management across England and Wales.

Acting on customer priorities

CCW will make insights from water sector environmental performance data and customer research more available and useful to government and regulators to put the customer voice more strongly into decision making.

Protecting our water

The natural environment is crucial to our water and wastewater systems. Healthy rivers and streams support wildlife habitats and offer recreational spaces for people.
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