Tips to cut your water bill

There are several ways that you could reduce the amount you pay for your water and sewerage services.

Our top tips to save money on bills

  • Check the size of your bill

    Take time to check your water bill by comparing it to earlier bills. Look out for unexplained increase in charges. If you spot one, ask why. You may have a water leak. Look for other signs such as damp patches.
    What to do next if you have a leak
  • If you receive benefits

    Some help is available to metered customers who are on income-related benefits. Ask your water company about the WaterSure scheme. This caps the bills of metered customers who meet the right criteria.
    Ask your water company
  • Fish for some freebies

    If you’re a metered customer then using water more efficiently will cut your water bill. Many water companies now offer free water-saving devices – all you need to do is pick up the phone and ask for some.
    Water saving advice and products
  • Save on water and energy bills

    Even if you aren’t metered, using hot water more wisely can help reduce your energy bills. See our top tips on saving water in the home.
    Save water in the home

Check what you're paying for

Should you be paying surface water drainage charges?

If you have a soak-away in your garden – which drains all of the surface water from your property back into the earth – you can apply for the surface water drainage charges to be removed from your bills.

Should you be paying sewerage charges?

If you’ve got a septic tank instead of a connection to the sewerage system you shouldn’t be paying a penny in sewerage charges. Water companies may backdate refunds if you have been paying too much.

Consider switching to a meter

If you live on your own, or have more bedrooms in your property than occupants, you may be able to save money if you choose to have a water meter fitted. The meter will be fitted free of charge and many water companies will now give you up to two years to trial a meter and switch back if you’re unhappy or not saving money.

Use our calculator to find out how much you could save