End water poverty

CCW will continue to work with the water companies to ensure that their plans are in line with their Water UK commitment to end water poverty by 2030.

Value from the Price Review

CCW doesn’t believe consumers should have to choose between affordable bills and investment in improving services. Through the Price Review process, we will test Ofwat’s draft determinations for each water company for acceptability and affordability, and press for any changes we believe are necessary.

Our aim is that the water companies’ final PR24 determinations – due in December 2024 – reflect our objectives overall.

Improved overall offer of support

We will carry out a review of the WaterSure scheme.

Better support for vulnerable customers

We will review water companies’ vulnerability strategies so that all customers can get the help they need when they need it.

Customers making full use of the support available

We will increase the number of customers who know that financial support is available from their water company to 50% by summer 2025, as per our Water Matters research. (The 2022 Water Matters results came out in May 2023. The summer 2025 results will be published in spring 2026.)

Tariffs that work for customers

CCW will continue to proactively support trials of innovative tariffs by water companies for both household and business customers.

Independent water affordability review

In May 2021 we unveiled the raft of recommendations to emerge from our independent review of water affordability support in England and Wales.
View our independent water affordability review

Our vulnerability manifesto

Our manifesto sets out the key outcomes we are committed to achieving with the sector to remove the barriers that prevent some consumers from accessing non-financial assistance.
View our vulnerability manifesto