Price Review

Every five years, water companies set out their plans for what they'll deliver and how much they'll charge customers.

This process is known as the price review.

The water company’s plans for the next five years should include how they will:

  • provide a safe and clean water supply;
  • provide efficient sewerage pumping and treatment services;
  • control leaks;
  • install meters;
  • maintain pipes and sewers; and
  • maintain and improve environmental standards.

This process is known as the price review, and the next one will be in 2024, when Ofwat will make its final decisions. We call this PR24.

Our objectives is what we want to see from the price review for everyone who uses water now and in the future.

We conducted research from our engagement with customers to see what they thought of our objectives.

Read our PR24 objectives

Our manifesto explains what we’d like to see from the PR24 process in order to achieve our objectives.

Read our PR24 Manifesto.

Government in Wales has set up a forum to discuss and agree on positions, so that future company costs and levels of charges are fair and clear to all.

Read more on Wales PR24 Forum.

How we work with others

Challenge Co-ordination Group (COG)

The Challenge Co-Ordination Group (COG) is a forum that aims to help water companies develop their PR24 business plans. This will be achieved through the sharing of comparative data, examples of best practice, and the expert knowledge of regulators and other stakeholders.

Collaborative customer research

We are working with Ofwat and water companies on a programme of collaborative research to inform business planning decisions for PR24. More information on the work of the collaborative Customer Research Steering Group, can be found on Ofwat’s website.
Visit Ofwat's website for more

Your Water, Your Say

Water and wastewater companies in England and Wales are currently developing their plans for 2025 to 2030.

Have your say on water company plans