Have your say on water company plans for 2025-30 and beyond

Your water, your say

Every five years, the water regulator Ofwat sets price controls for the water and wastewater companies in England and Wales. This not only sets the water and wastewater bills customers will pay, but also the level of investment and service improvements the companies should deliver for people and the environment.

Water and wastewater companies in England and Wales have submitted their plans for 2025 to 2030 to the regulator, Ofwat. These plans will cover everything they do now and in the future.

Ofwat has been scrutinising the companies’ proposals and will be issuing its initial decisions (Draft Determinations) on 12 June.

Last year, each company held two ‘Your water, your say’ online meetings to allow customers and stakeholders to question them and challenge their plans. Ofwat will now be holding its own ‘Your water, your say’ sessions following its draft determinations. There will be two sessions – one covering companies in England and the other focused on those serving customers in Wales.

How to register

The meetings will be held remotely via Zoom and take place at the following times:

You will be able to attend these meetings and put a question to Ofwat about its Draft Determinations on companies’ business plans. These questions could cover the service your company provides, its impact on the environment, what will happen to your water bill or whatever other topic is important to you.

We can ask a question for you

If you have a question or an issue you’d like to raise with Ofwat but are unable to attend the online meetings, as the independent customer representative, we can raise it with the regulator for you.

Send your questions to us at [email protected]. Please include in your email whether the question is for the England or Wales meeting (or both), so that we can ensure it is allocated to the right Your water, your say meeting.