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We provide impartial advice and guidance relating to any kind of household water supply or sewerage issue. If you have any unresolved complaints against your water company, we can help pick this up on your behalf.

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  • Water meter calculator

    Use our calculator to quickly find out if you could save by making the switch.
    Calculate to see if you could save
  • Save money and water

    We have plenty of advice to help with bills and ways to reduce the amount of water you use.
    Save money and water
  • Find your water company

    Water supply and sewerage services are provided by water companies in England and Wales.
    Find water company details
  • Extra free help - Priority services

    Priority services assist customers who may find they need extra help. This could be because of an illness, disability, financial difficulties or language barriers.
    See if you can get extra free help
  • Winter advice

    We’ve outlined the simple things we can all do to reduce the risk of pipes freezing or bursting.
    Our winter advice
  • Walking with water

    Our online hub highlights waterside walks across England and Wales offered by water companies.
    Find a walk by water near you
  • How is my water company performing?

    See how your water company is performing for its water and sewerage services.
    Water company performance
  • Is there enough water where you live?

    Our tool allows you to see if there is enough water where you live by typing in your postcode.
    Type in your postcode
  • Trialling different household charges

    See how we support Ofwat's rule change on how water companies charge household customers for their use of water.
    Trialling different household charges
  • Try our complaint letter tool

    Need help writing a complaint letter to your water company? Enter a few details and our tool will generate a letter of complaint that you can send to your water company.
    Use our complaint letter tool
  • Customer Licence Condition

    We've worked with Ofwat to develop its new Customer Licence Condition.
    Customer Licence Condition

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