I am not so sure the resolution would have been quite so forthcoming if CCW hadn’t been involved and for that, I thank you for your support…Hopefully, this is the end of the problem, but it is good to know CCW were able to assist when I was initially growing frustrated with my water company.

The issue

Geoff complained to his water company following a mains burst which resulted in grit and sediment entering his water supply. The company arranged for an external plumber to investigate the issue, however as a result of this visit the plumber left a loose connection within the boiler which caused damage to the roof of the customer’s kitchen.

In addition to the damage to his property, Geoff also saw an increase in his bill due to the leak. After repeated contact with his water company, Geoff got in touch with us for help.

What we did to help

We asked the company to consider a number of steps in order to put the situation right. Firstly, we asked that a leak allowance should be applied as the increase to his bill was a result of the actions of the contractor. We also asked that a gesture of goodwill be offered to the customer as an acknowledgement for the length of time it had taken to resolve his complaint and for the customer service failings.

The results

After our intervention, the company apologised for the problems caused and applied a leak allowance of almost £600. It also provided a goodwill payment of £2000, cleared the outstanding balance on his bill and paid the decorator’s costs for the ceiling that was damaged during the leak.

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