The issue

Mr R paid his water bill in November 2019 but his company claimed otherwise and chased him for money, despite the fact he had evidence of his payment. The customer asked his company to investigate but the issue remained unresolved after three months and so he turned to us for help.

What we found

We contacted the company and asked them to address a number of issues. This included getting it to review all of its contact with Mr R dating back to November 2019 and to confirm when the payment was first recorded as missing. It was also asked to provide Mr R with compensation for any shortcomings identified in its customer service.

Putting it right

Following our involvement, the company confirmed that it had found the missing payment which it blamed on a billing system error. It agreed to pay £10 for every call it had received from Mr R, a total of £50 compensation. It also handed over an additional £30 in recognition of its customer service failings.

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