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The issue

Graham did not believe his water meter reading was correct and felt that his company had been overcharging him for at least two years as a result. He tried to raise a number of complaints with his company but did not receive any response.

When he came to CCW for help, he told us that his company was only willing to offer £20 as a gesture of goodwill for poor customer service but there was no offer to investigate his concerns. This caused a great deal of distress for Graham, as he was worried about how he would pay such a large bill.

What we did to help

After we reviewed his complaint, we were convinced that there was a good case to investigate the issue further and we advised his water company of this. Following our involvement, the company did review the issue, it found that there was a leak in the supply pipe.

The result

The company reassessed Graham’s charges and provided a leakage allowance of £1,527.93, as well as £517 as a gesture of goodwill for its poor service. The customer was very happy with the outcome and the help that CCW provided.

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