If you have no water, it could be due to repair work, an emergency, or problems with your home plumbing.

Repair work by your water company: They should tell you in advance and give written notice 48 hours before any interruption lasting over 4 hours. If they don’t restore your water by the promised time, you could get compensation.

Unplanned loss of water supply: They must fix the problem within 12 hours of finding out. If off for over 12 hours, they might offer an alternative supply like bottled water. If you have a medical need, they will deliver it to you.

Problems with your home plumbing: Check if your kitchen tap is working and your stop valves are open. Speak to your neighbors to see if they’re having similar issues. If the issue is with your internal plumbing and not the cold kitchen tap, contact a WaterSafe plumber.

For tips on avoiding frozen pipes, check our winter advice page.

You may be entitled to payments under the guaranteed standards scheme (GSS) if your water company fails to meet its promises.

If you have a medical need, your water company will deliver bottled water to you if your water is off for more than 12 hours. To receive additional support, join your water company’s Priority Services Register for free.