Young and worried woman is waiting for a last drop of water hangs from a tap with glass under water shortage struck by drought .Water shortage and drought crisis with global warming

CCW has responded to today’s announcement by the regulator Ofwat that it is opening an investigation into South East Water’s management of its water supply network.

The regulator will be investigating whether the company has failed to develop and maintain an efficient water supply system for its customers.

CCW shares the concerns of the regulator over South East Water’s performance around interruptions to people’s water supply.

Mike Keil, Chief Executive of the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), said:

Customers’ trust and confidence in South East Water has been undermined by the company’s repeated poor handling of supply interruptions and we will do all we can to support Ofwat’s investigation. There was considerable anger and frustration among many people who felt unsupported, compounded by the company’s poor communication. Customers have a right to expect better from an essential service provider.