The Consumer Council for Water South West is providing customers with advice as bills for those on a meter start to arrive on door mats.  The water watchdog is giving local customers guidance about what they need to do if their bills contains any nasty surprises, such as it being excessively higher  than they expected, or if it does not correlate with the reading on their water meter.

Consumers can help to deal with their water bills by following the advice in the Council’s three-step guidance plan.

  • Check you bill  – Your bill needs to be checked as soon as it arrive,  and you should contact South West Water if you have any concerns about the amount you are being asked to pay.  Customers should contact their helpline on –  0800 169 1133  .
  • Is your bill accurate? – Find out if your bill is accurate, as you may be paying more than you need to.   Metered customers should make sure that the figure on the bill reflects the one on your meter.  If this is not the case, contact your water company and ask to be sent a revised bill.  If the figure is correct but you still think it is too high you may have a leak on the supply.  Your water company should be your first point of contact for advice if a leak has occurred.
  • •Contact the Consumer Council for Water South West – If you have contacted South West Water directly and still have an unresolved query/complaint contact us.   Customers can contact the Consumer Council for Water South West by telephone, e-mail or post.