A FEW clicks on the Consumer Council for Water’s (CCWater) website could lead to crucial savings for the one in five households in Wales who say they cannot afford their water bill

Over 23,000 water customers across England and Wales identified potential savings totalling £4.9 million last year (2013/14) after using CCWater’s online calculator – an average saving of more than £200 per household.

The online tool provides a quick and simple guide for water customers who pay fixed rateable value charges to test the water and see whether it might be worth switching to a water meter, especially for single person households.

And that could make all the difference to the increasing number of households who tell us they cannot afford their water bill.

Diane McCrea, chair of the Consumer Council for Water’s Wales Committee, said:

Using our calculator takes very little time but could mark the first step to helping households cut their water bill. It’s important to remember that water companies in Wales also have schemes to support customers who are in debt or struggling to pay their bill. If that’s you please don’t suffer in silence – ask your water company for help.

As a very general ‘rule of thumb’ if there are more bedrooms in your home than occupants it is certainly worth checking if you might benefit from opting for a meter.

There is no charge for getting a water meter installed and in most cases you can switch back to fixed charges within the first year if you change your mind. Companies must also offer an alternative fixed charge if they find a meter can’t be fitted due to pipework issues.

Our website also features handy tips on how to save water and money at home and in the garden.