During 2013 we asked water companies across England and Wales to change the way that they reported performance data to us, so that the information was customer-focussed and comparable. ‘Delving into water’ summarises this information and comments on company performance for the past four years in the following areas:

The key findings are:

The industry is making progress in most of the areas that matter to customers – high level trends over the past four years show that:

  • Complaints to water companies are falling
  • Although more customers that are struggling to pay their water bills are receiving help, general awareness of the assistance schemes that are available remains low.
  • The amount of time that customers are without water as a result of interruptions to their supply is decreasing.
  • Water consumption is falling, driven by increased metering and continuing campaigns to use water wisely.

Key concerns:

  • Sewer flooding remains an area of significant concern and the consequences can be devastating for customers.
  • Although companies are meeting their targets, leakage levels have been rising since the low in 2011-12, and are now 22% of water put into supply.

Download the research findings below:

Download Company Performance Report (pdf – 3 MB)
Download Data Appendices 2014-15 (xlsx – 71 KB)