WaterVoice Community graphic. Illustration of a diverse people on a purple background.

CCW’s online research community – WaterVoice – was launched in 2020 to help us keep our finger on the pulse of water consumers’ views. The reports summarise the views of people in this community. It is made up of hundreds of water bill payers from across England and Wales whose views we regularly seek on issues relating to the water industry and the work of CCW itself.

This page features some of the findings to emerge from WaterVoice which provide a flavour of customers’ views that may be of particular interest to other water sector stakeholders. Although the community’s views may not be entirely representative of the wider public, it does provide valuable insights that can complement the statistically robust programme of consumer research we carry out every year.

All of these findings help us to deepen our understanding of consumers’ views and priorities and ensure we’re focusing on the issues that matter most to the people we represent.

These tasks spanned from 16 April to 7 May 2020, and consisted of:

COVID-19 and its impact for you and your water services– explored the impact of COVID-19 on householders. It looked at actions that members have taken, the financial impact, and their awareness and views of some of the support and options available.

COVID-19 and its impact for you and your business – comprised three in-depth telephone interviews with WaterVoice members who manage water bills for a business. It explored some of the challenges that different types of businesses may have faced, and the concerns or questions they may have about their water services.

Helping customers who are struggling financially – this activity used a sequential board to ask participants about the best ways of helping customers who are struggling financially.

How should water and sewerage companies use additional profit – we asked participants about how water companies should use any additional profit that they make.

Download WaterVoice - May Report (pdf – 996 KB)