Office worker sits at her desk and speaks on her telephone headset.

Building trust among customers has never been so important for the water industry. Against a backdrop of a cost of living crisis, and recent negative headlines, our recent Water Matters tracking research showed that customers’ trust in water companies has decreased significantly since 2020.

For water companies there is an opportunity to change the current nature of the relationship with customers by focusing on a customer centric culture to create and maintain trust and, most importantly, to do this in a collaborative way across the sector.

Helping to support this work, we commissioned independent research, to carry out a review of Customer Centric Culture which:

  • Explores the relationship between company culture, customer service, and trust.
  • Examines how a customer centric culture can be measured in a meaningful way so that it drives continuous organisational improvement and customer advocacy.
  • Explains how the above measures should be published to drive true transparency and ultimately drive greater organisational trust.
Download Read our Customer Centric Culture report (pdf – 25 MB)